COUPLE BOX -40 pcs of the Chef (Raw and cooked-)

COUPLE BOX -40 pcs of the Chef (Raw and cooked-)

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uramaki two salmon:salmon tartar, avocado, flamed salmon carpaccio with ponzu sauce and chives and almonds (8 pieces)

uramaki rainbow special: rice roll with philadelphia avocado on sea bass carpaccio salmon tuna (8 pieces)
uramaki sushi roll paradise: rice roll with shrimp in tempura mayonnaise avocado red prawn tartare tobiko and lime teryaki sauce (8 pieces)
uramaki sakebi: rice roll with salmon cooked shrimp on avocado carpaccio sesame seeds and philadelphia mousse teryaki sauce and plantain chips (8 pieces)
nigiri maguro: tuna (2 pieces)
nigiri sake: salmon (2 pieces)
nigiri Suzuki: sea bass (2 pieces)
Nigiri Ebi: cbt shrimp (2 pieces)

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